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colorflex edp labels isda networkColorflex / EDP has a well-established history as international innovators and providers of on-demand labeling and filing systems technology for computer-generated, sequential, color, and barcode label printing.

Since 1992, Colorflex has provided a major share of the file folder and labeling needs for healthcare, financial, manufacturing, insurance, and banking markets worldwide. But they’ve also recently expanded into all other areas of printing, which includes marketing materials, books, door hangers, Raquel Welch posters, or anything and everything else you need printed in the Boulder and Denver areas. We should mention that Colorflex can hand-deliver your print jobs, same day!

For the future, Colorflex is well-positioned to continue organically expanding its presence into other markets and industries by capitalizing on its intellectual assets and establishing ongoing global partnerships for other non-industry specific variable demand print applications.

Products available for ISDA Discount:

Factory Printed Labels:  Colorflex produces two types of labels, the first being a paper label. These paper labels are laminated and are then sent out to folder manufacturers for application to file folders by high speed gluing machines. The second type of label would be a pressure sensitive label. These labels already have adhesive applied so it allows for easy application by hand. Their labels are backed with a lifetime guarantee of performance. These labels are self-adhesive and are ready to be applied. Factory labels come in a choice of standard glass or optional matte finish. All factory labels are packaged in sturdy cartons with chipboard protectors, top and bottom or as separators.

Face Stock:  Face Stock is used for on-demand printing. They come in an array of label sizes and formats that can meet the needs of many customers. Since all Colorflex software products are made to use their Face Stock, customers will always come back to them to purchase more since the software is incompatible with competitor- and store-purchased face stock. This should provide for a constant stream of revenue.
Custom Backprinting
* Custom Factory Printed Labels
* Custom Label Sizes and Materials

Intaglio:  A patented design and print software that allows for EASY in-house design of labels and documents.

LabelsANYWHERE: is Colorflex’s cost-effective, web based, on-demand print solution allowing the user to print Intaglio designs with any combination of variable color, text, barcode, and images/graphics. They also provide the service of private branding. With the dealer company logos and graphics, Colorflex can make the site look as if it was the dealers own. LabelsANYWHERE Desktop is specifically developed for those instances when a web-based print application is prohibited, an internet connection is not available, or a stand- alone version is just preferred.

Watchdog Enterprise:  A fully integrated, data polling/print software. It is the preferred method of printing on-demand, Label and Form servicing applications because it completely automates the printing process, using simple delimited text file output from any data source.

EnaSys Asset Tracking: In a sea of asset tracking companies and inventory management systems, our EnaSys asset tracking software is an industry leader with years of prominence and success. Whether you’re looking for a periodic inventory management system or something more frequent, EnaSys delivers a complete solution for any line of work. Audit your assets in a fraction of the time of normal methodologies, set up custom reports, attribute data to any asset, assign chain of custody and access for assets, and much more.

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