EffiMat USA, Inc.

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EffiMat Storage Technology was founded in 2011. They produce and deliver automatic and flexible solutions for handling and storing small parts. EffiMat is setting new standards for picking speed, safety, quality, operational reliability and flexibility. Their name originates from their key product – the revolutionary EffiMat®.

EffiMat has around 40 employees and their colleagues are from all over the world. Their work environment is therefore characterized by a high level of diversity and inspiring differences. EffiMat is an ambitious company in constant development and with an international mindset and their strategy is long-term and based on experienced and skilled employees within the intralogistics area.

Their head office is situated in Tietgenbyen, Odense, Denmark. A very unique spot! The city of Odense has earned itself a nickname: “Robotic Valley.” And the robotics environment is equally vibrant and inspiring. Even though EffiMat is based in the middle of Denmark, they are present all over the world due to their installations and partners, which can be found in 15 different countries!

All EffiMat USA, Inc. products, including the EffiMat™, HospiMat™, and ClassicMat™ are available for ISDA Discount.


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