GSS Lockers

GSS Lockers has a long history of fabricating metal products at our facility in London, ON. We introduced our first line of Lockers in 1978 and haven’t looked back. Since then, we’ve developed our locker to address a variety of unique storage requirements.

For 2021 our focus has shifted from standard corridor lockers to an E-locker solution. The E-locker can be used in a variety of application including shared office environments, storage of valuable items, & package delivery, just to name a few. We continue to expand on our TA-50, tactical lockers, and evidence lockers.

Our manufacturing facility is home to every step of our locker making process. Vertically-integrating the manufacturing process allows us to ensure high-quality products from the start. We start with large shipments of steel and bend and cut them to form doors, bodies and trim. From there all the parts go through our powder-coated paint line where they are baked with your choice of standard colors. Finally, everything is packaged and prepared to ship.



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