Vidir Solutions is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vertical motorized storage carousels and display systems.

Our highly versatile line of carousels offers industry solutions for construction, retail, medical, warehouse, government, automotive,
printing and manufacturing.
Take advantage of our small footprint, high-volume storage solutions and reclaim
your lost vertical space!

vidir shelving carousel

Shelving CarouselIndustrial Storage Solutions

The Shelving Carousel is an automated vertical carousel that featured free hanging carriers that rotate up and down to deliver product to the operator at an ergonomic height. The robust and reliable design makes this unit an ideal solution for manufacturing lines and other mission critical environments. Custom upgrades are also available for heavy duty,… Read More

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Vidir pan carousel vertical storage

Pan CarouselsIndustrial Storage Solutions

The Pan Carousel is a fully automated storage systems that delivers product to the operator at an ergonomic height. The carousel recovers and average of 80% of your floor space by utilizing vertical space for storage, increasing inventory accuracy, providing greater security, and increasing workplace safety. Simple and intuitive controls easily interface with ERP and… Read More

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