Blanket Warming Cabinets

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Blanket and Fluid IV Warming Cabinets

Blanket warming cabinets and IV/fluid warming cabinets are designed and manufactured to maintain ideal clinical temperatures.

Our partner, Laboratory Builders, provides blanket warming cabinets and fluid warming cabinets which are used to maintain products at steady and controlled clinical temperatures, to assure good patient experience and efficiency for caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare applications. Ideally, these cabinets should be simple to operate, very dependable and simple to maintain.

Keeping patients warm, particularly during pre-op and surgery, is an essential part of their treatment regimen, and can aid in patient stability during the surgery and recovery  Warm blankets are a simple, low-cost way to avoid hypothermia in these cases.

Our blanket warming cabinets are ETL listed for US and Canada and come in free standing, in-wall and counter top designs. They are also composed of double wall #304 stainless steel construction with #4 finish. There are power and temperature controls for individual compartments for each of our blanket warming cabinet solutions.

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