museum storage shelves drawers

Museum Storage

ISDA knows how important the preservation of your valuable artifacts is to you and your organization. Our knowledge of the specialized requirements of museum storage will ensure that your limited space is maximized while minimizing your investment.

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Metalia Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets are the perfect solution for the efficient storage of your small to mid-size products. Our new modular drawer cabinets can pay for themselves by reducing your storage footprint by 60%, cutting parts retrieval times in half, improving parts organization, and protecting your precious parts inventory.

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Laboratory Design

The ISDA is a full-service organization that can help design and program laboratories and healthcare work spaces. Our specialties reside in laboratory furniture, school laboratories, workstations, carts, fume hoods, drying cabinets and medical storage cabinets.

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ADA Laboratory Furnishings | ISDA

ADA Laboratory Furnishings

We manufacture an entire line of ADA height casework and laboratory furnishings. This includes an array of door, drawer and sink cabinet configurations.

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Cantilever library Shelving | ISDA

Cantilever Library Shelving Units

ISDA’s cantilever shelving units cost less per filing inch than filing cabinets and creates three times more filing space per square foot. Our products are supported by a nationwide group of library equipment specialists who are fully prepared to assist you in all phases of cantilever shelving and library bookstack planning.

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Laboratory Workstations image

Laboratory Workstations

Our lab workstations provide for a highly flexible lab layout for your ever changing demands. All lab workstations are UL 962 listed. They are designed for back to back use for optimal lab layout flexibility. They are made of heavy duty power coated steel construction.

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Wire Mesh Partitions | ISDA

SpaceGuard Wire Mesh Partitions

Wire mesh partitions from SpaceGuard Products provide essential safety for your pallet racks and shelving with a simple, yet durable design. SpaceGuard’s welded wire mesh partitions and panels will keep your employees safe and productive. Our wire mesh partitions help prevent costly accidents in and around your pallet racks and shelving. Protect your products and personnel by… Read More

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Modular Offices | ISDA

Panel Built Modular Buildings

Whether it’s more storage space, an elevated supervision office, or a climate controlled clean room you need; ISDA has solutions for all types of modular offices. Our modular offices are easy to assemble and are available with a variety of features and options. Need it quick? The ISDA even offers a 2-Day Quick Ship program for standard modular offices, which allows you to receive your new office the same week as you placed the order!

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Mezzanine Guarding | ISDA

SpaceGuard Mezzanine & Machine Guarding

SpaceGuard’s mezzanine guarding and handrail safety systems present a safe, inexpensive alternative to traditional handrails. It’s simple to install and the combination of SpaceGuard Products‘ uni-mesh woven wire and kick plates prevent objects from falling off the mezzanine surface causing potential costly accidents. Panels are high integrity welded and available in special sizes. Single and… Read More

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Rack Supported Mezzanines | ISDA

Panel Built Rack Supported Mezzanines

The ISDA offers high quality pick module (rack supported mezzanines) storage systems. This often includes push back, gravity flow, 100% selective rack and other storage systems along with flooring, decking and platforms to maximize productivity and space utilization.

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Industrial Storage Cabinets | ISDA

Industrial Storage Cabinets

ISDA’s industrial storage cabinets are easily assembled and can be used for a variety of storage applications such as office supplies, mailroom materials, sports equipment and maintenance items. With added accessories such as coat rod kits, caster bases, and added shelves, our industrial storage cabinets can be customized to suit any needs you may have.

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Industrial Shelving Units | ISDA

Industrial Shelving Units

The ISDA dealer network specializes in a variety of industrial shelving products including multi-level high rise systems, bulk storage and boltless shelving for backroom storage. The spatial efficiencies and quality of an expertly designed ISDA storage system positively affect the bottom line right away.

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high density shelving

High Density Shelving Systems

ISDA’s high density shelving systems effectively doubles available storage capacity by making shelving mobile, compacting existing storage into a smaller footprint. Our high density shelving systems are the best solution for managing a growing collection. Superior track design and an unrivaled tech support team make high density shelving an almost essential component of any serious storage project.

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