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Vertical Carousels | ISDA

The John Muir Medical Center faced a crisis with their central sterile processing department. Wire carts were not supplying enough storage capacity to meet increasing demands. Access to high shelves was a safety hazard for the staff and the open carts offered no protection or security.

John Muir was facing the prospect of a $1.2 million facility expansion, including new construction, relocation of the CPD, and the implementation of a computer system to manage inventory within the CPD. John Muir was able to avoid the cost and lost time associated with new construction and relocation by turning to an ISDA network partner. The CPD was equipped with 11 of our Vertical Carousels. By storing vertically, the vertical carousels makes use of all available space floor to ceiling. Items are brought to the user, eliminating the need to search for items and offering better storage density. All existing inventory was stored with room to spare for future growth. Items are now more secure, protected within the vertical carousel under lock and key, especially important for high-value items such as implants. Accurate inventory management has reduced the costs associated with carrying excess inventory and has improved productivity by eliminating time-consuming searches for items when preparing trays.

  • Vertical storage makes the best use of available space and reduces the need to stack items.
  • Over 60% more storage capacity was realized within the same floor space.
  • Items are brought to the user at an ergonomically correct height at the touch of a button.
  • Safety is greatly improved by eliminating ladders and stretching and stooping to access shelves.
  • Search, travel and pick times are reduced through organization and picking from a central location.
  • Our vertical carousels hold thousands of individual items in a secure and protected environment.
  • The control system seamlessly integrates with software currently used by the CPD.
  • Valuable surgical implants are now secure and managed in a controlled surrounding.
  • Enclosed, lockable storage greatly assists with emergency preparedness plans for the CPD.
  • Work environment is improved with better lighting, organization, safety and access

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