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lab design isda imageLab Design specializes in custom laboratory layouts and construction.

Established in 1957, LAB DESIGN is a division of UNITED HOSPITAL SUPPLY/FENCO.  The company has been based in central New Jersey since its inception, manufacturing steel pedestal casework for the laboratory, hospital pharmacy and financial institution marketplaces.

LAB DESIGN’s primary pedestal casework line is its steel product line.  However, LAB DESIGN also offers stainless steel casework and components, as well.  LAB DESIGN is partnered with many of the industries’ leading suppliers to offer you a single source point of design and purchase.

Through their partnerships LAB DESIGN offers many types of work surfaces, fume hoods, service fixtures, adjustable height tables, overhead service carriers and other laboratory equipment. LAB DESIGN penetrates Lab related market sectors including the Government, Research, Educational, Commercial, Wastewater and Hospital sectors.

Lab Design provides ISDA a High-Quality Laboratory Casework line that includes:

  • Painted Metal and Stainless Steel Casework
  • Laboratory Worksurfaces
  • Laboratory Fixtures
  • Fume Hoods
  • Laboratory Exhaust Snorkels
  • Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC’s)
  • Laboratory Washers
  • Adjustable Height Stations

Lab Design ships all its Casework and Tops within 5 weeks, and will accept Penalty Clauses to guarantee its shipments. This is not a Quickship Program, but everything in their catalog. Lab Design also offers Free Design Services for laying out your customers Labs. Their flexible cabinet design allows the user to change the cabinet configuration at any time.

Lab Design also provides germ shields and self-cleaning nano-Defense films for high-contact touch points.

In a time when quality and service appear to be overlooked in favor of dollars and cents, LAB DESIGN has not and will not alter its original mission:  “Give the customer what we would want; the best product at the best price we can buy it for, which may not necessarily be the cheapest.”

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