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Healthcare, Hospital, Doctor’s Offices & Clinics:  High Density Storage Solutions.

High density shelving systems like bed lifts can effectively double available storage capacity.

Our high density shelving units are the best solution for managing a growing collection. Superior track design and an unrivaled tech support team make high density shelving an almost essential component of any serious storage project. High density shelving systems from ISDA can effectively double record storage capacity in your existing area or reduce floor space requirements by 50%!

Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, our systems are a complete, professional high-density storage solution, with a flexible design, that can be configured to meet the exact needs of any office facility, museum, library, law or healthcare office, manufacturing or industrial operation. Our high density shelving systems offers both mechanical and powered systems to meet your operational needs.

Hospitals & healthcare facilities need to store their files economically, which means space-efficient, time-efficient open shelving storage is a must.

Our open shelving units have been specially designed with this in mind. ISDA open shelf filing allows folders to be clearly visible and within close reach, providing efficient retrieval.  Our open shelving units are strong and durable, yet attractive for any office environment.

Open shelving costs less per filing inch than filing cabinets and creates three times more filing space per square foot.  Files remain clearly visible and close at hand, greatly reducing retrieval time.  Our open shelving units maximize filing space and improve filing efficiency.

Polymer Shelving Units | ISDA

The ISDA Network is a nationwide leader in polymer shelving units and systems.

The polymer finish prevents any damage to the shelf contents and is favored in any environment where nonmetal finishes are needed. Our polymer shelving units have the same weight bearing capacities of the wire systems (800 and 600 pounds per shelf depending upon shelf size).

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New pharmacy shelving systems allows for complete organization and flow of handling product.

The pharmacy shelving specification process is complete from sampling through installation.

Operating Room Cabinets | ISDAStainless steel and chrome shelving units and workstations for the use in laboratories.

Classic chrome shelving systems which are strong, easy to care for and simple to install and expand as needed. Polymer shelving systems, with built-in Microban protection are also available.  If you have questions or interest in any of these products, please use the contact form at the top of the page.

Chrome Shelving Units | ISDA

Wire Shelving Units and Product Handling Solutions.

From utility carts to stationary and mobile units, the ISDA has multiple dimension and height systems to fit your organization’s specific needs and requirements, whether it’s a hospital, lab or other health care setting.

Our security carts (either with wire shelving or polymer shelving) will keep supplies locked up while high density wire shelving systems (available with tracks either at top of system or on floor) maximize space by as much as 50%.


Bed Lifts and Hospital Bed Storage Systems.

Efficient storage of hospital beds is an ongoing concern for medical facilities everywhere.  ISDA Members can supply these specialized units, which store beds vertically, in a variety of sizes and configurations.  The use of these systems can help reduce the number of beds sitting in hospital corridors and hallways and make sure that your facility is aligned with JCAHO standards.

If you have questions or interest in any of these products, please use the contact form at the top of the page. Someone will respond quickly to your request!

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