ISDA Benefits

Review the benefits of joining our dealer network

The International Systems Dealers Association (ISDA) offers the following benefits to its Members:

  • Associated with 82 other systems Dealers/Owners within the industry.  You are never alone and can get help from the other members in our dealer network. The ISDA Network headquarters can always assist you in securing information from various sources to resolve issues, obtain advice, or products.
  • Association with our Endorsed Business Partners, over fifty, who provide most favored support and pricing to the group. The ISDA Network handles the billings for many of our Endorsed Business Partners which guarantee prompt payment.  We publish a fully interactive “ISDA Endorsed Business Partner Resource Finder” that can be downloaded to the Dealer’s and Salesperson’s computer for ease of reference.
  • Members are featured on our website, which is fully optimized with all the major search engines in order to promote brand exposure and lead generation.
  • The ISDA has been centering most of its efforts using webinars for training.  We completed a webinar for all Dealers and Salespeople on how to use and present the AIA/ISDA accredited continuing education presentation.  We also sponsored several webinars for our endorsed business partners, as well as two series of webinars (five hours each for several weeks) for “Law Enforcement Police and Evidence Storage” and “Material Handling Systems Sales.”  Both involve an introductory webinar with additional webinars involving several key Business Partners.
  • We have formed a committee to plan for a series of webinars, dealer training programs and onsite workshops for “Good Dealer Business Practices” training with our endorsed Business Advisor, Jim Kahrs, of Prosperity Plus. 
  • Access to the ISDA’s Member only Web Portal for communications with other Dealers and Salespeople.  This business tool provides, as a member of the ISDA organization, with unique access to over 80 Dealer/Owners, 50 Service Managers and 350 + Salespeople in our industry.  When one of our Members has a business related problem, this will be the place to find the answer.  They can post their questions, discussions, sales applications, or anything that will help them or may benefit the group as a whole in the “Social Community/Forums” section of the new ISDA Web Portal.  Over time this builds a vast library of information that we will all reference for years to come.
  • Annual Shareholder meeting each year to network with the other Members/Dealers and Endorsed Business Partners.  Our next annual meeting will be at the Westin Hilton Head Island in October 2014.
  • We have put the ISDA Freight Program in place that is saving the Dealers a considerable amount on their shipments.
  • The ISDA Network has a small business group buying contract with Dell for all your business computer needs.   Discounts range from 5-15%.  One Dealer saved $662.00 on a new computer file server for his dealership as compared to the best price he could get from Dell.
  • The ISDA Network has partnered with Allied Bank, who provides most favored credit card processing fees.  They saved one of our members over $32,000.00 a year on their dealership’s credit card processing fees.
  • The ISDA Network purchases a business reply permit from the United State Postal Service each year and the dealers can use the permit at no cost for their bulk mailings.

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