Furniture for classrooms and more.

Whether your customer prefers traditional classroom seats and desks or a more modern aesthetic for their classrooms, ISDA Business Partner Palmieri Furniture has you covered!

From wood to polymer to combinations of wood and metal, ISDA has a great variety of desks, tables, and seating options.

palmieri library flip ISDA Storage

Partitions provide privacy for reading and testing in addition to shielding against germs. Nesting tables are the ideal table solution for any fast, ever-changing room settings and collaborative spaces.

Multi-purpose podium and desking solutions for classrooms, lecture halls, and other learning or teaching areas provide a locked cabinet for equipment and material storage.

Terminal stations can provide an easy way to access information and perform quick tasks. Designed in a few different models that combine a small surface ledge, CPU cabinet, terminal base, monitor screen capability and system management, these terminals can be placed in numerous public spaces including but not limited to libraries and school institutions.

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