Device Storage & Charging

Want to manage your high-cost electronic assets more securely & efficiently?

We can provide you with solutions to store your technology and devices securely: store and charge lockers, carts, & depots, in addition to mobile computer stations with CPU lockers and individual laptop storage.

Portable, stackable charging cabinets & lockers are the ideal solution for managing small devices. Store & charge cell phones, scanners & other handheld devices, laptops, tablets, e-readers, printers, two-way radios and more!

Charging cabinets and high density-device docks are the perfect charging solution for any industry that has devices to store, including education, healthcare, hospitality industries, law enforcement facilities, & industrial settings such as warehouses. One device location ensures fast access while securing devices when not in use.

Wondering who has your device(s)? Our inventory vending machines & lockers allow you to setup access restrictions per device type and provide traceability. Know who, what, where, and why regarding the usage of system-managed items.

Each individual locker has its own lighting capability and clear fronts, allowing full visibility of products within the locker.

For education and privacy-sensitive settings where personal device use is restricted, a stationary cabinet or depot is ideal. With this type of storage, cellphones or other small personal devices and belongings can be placed in individual compartments with single key or passcode access.

Have an even bigger device that you need to charge – say, employee vehicles? Our SmartCharge stations are the sustainable solution for charging outdoor commercial parking, retail spaces, commercial fleets, and more! Your offering this product will be a key differentiator between you and the competition.

Adding EV charging stations improves your company’s public image & your bottom line as more stations go up along highways and firmly places you on the ground floor of this emerging market.



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