Guard/Security Booths

Guard/Security Booths

Physical security revolves around the 4 D’s: Deter, Detect, Delay, and Deny…

By acting as a deterrent against crime, modular security buildings can instantly upgrade the physical security of a facility and help reduce the overall likelihood of a crime occurring in the first place!

Security booths allow teachers, parents, and students one less stress to face every day with a calm, comfortable educational environment. ISDA Business Partner Panel Built’s security booths are delivered completely pre-assembled and ready for installation.

Panel Built offers both ‘standard’ security booths and custom, architectural designs. We offer both panelized and welded steel framed versions of our security booths, both of which can be outfitted with various options and accessories, including exterior floor lights, tinted windows, interior restrooms, overhanging roofs, and add-on security features such as bulletproof glass. All of this is available in order to deliver the perfect security booth solution for your customer and their campus.

Ballistic-rated guard booths & forced entry ballistic-rated building doors – seen below – also available to ensure maximum security of students and staff.

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