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Custom laboratory fume hoods are essential for keeping employees safe in many lab situations.

Laboratory fume hoods, cupboards or enclosures are extremely critical pieces of safety equipment in most laboratory environments. These units protect technicians, scientists, researchers and others from inhaling toxic or hazardous chemicals, compounds or dust. They are useful in maintaining separation between the lab’s air supply and that of the rest of your facility.  There are a wide variety of hood types available, each designed with a specific need in mind.

The ISDA Network has benchtop, ducted, ductless, ADA, walk-in, perchloric acid, radioisotope/biochemical, auxiliary air fume hoods and flex hoods. Our chemical exhaust laboratory fume hoods meet or exceed SEFA 1 standards. We are also UL 1805, ASHRAE 110-1995 and UL 1275 listed.

Please contact us for further details, so we can help you keep your laboratory safe and up to current codes.

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