Law Enforcement & Police Storage

Advanced safety storage solutions for the military & law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement storage is critically important for Sheriff’s Departments, State Police, Local Police — as well as for the military. Police departments have unique storage needs; property, evidence, weapons, currency, biological items and gear.

Chain of custody must be maintained and items must be stored securely, tracked and protected. Agencies must also contend with a lack of uniformity, storing everything from small jewelry to lrage drug seizures. The ISDA offers a range of solutions to meet these unique requirements, including weapons storage racks, law enforcement lockers & cabinets and automated storage systems, as well as a range of evidence storage solutions.

We are experts in public safety storage systems and solutions. We are here to show you how to save space, increase accuracy, and reduce the time you are spending reconciling your inventory.

And listen, we get it;  budgets are ALWAYS tight, but never more so than today.  We’ll do everything we can to get you the products you need at a price that your organization can approve!

See below for a full list of our law enforcement storage solutions or contact us right at 877-921-3501 to get started.

Tactical Police Lockers | ISDA

Tactical Police LockersLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

Tactical police lockers from the ISDA suit the uniform, clothing, and personal effects storage needs for law enforcement personnel. Made of welded steel, our tactical police lockers are resistant, functional and serve multiple purposes. Our standard police lockers have two doors, but it is also available with a single door, according to the required width.

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fasco evidence lockers image

Evidence LockersLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

The ISDA is a key supplier of heavy duty evidence lockers with high security, pass thru and non-pass thru operation for use in police stations and courtrooms. Our evidence locker storage solutions are perfect for temporary evidence storage and transfer from a non-secured area to an evidence storage room.

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Secure Storage Systems evidence image

SpaceGuard Secure Storage SystemsLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

SpaceGuard Products specializes in wire, solid, and polymer finish secure storage systems and handling products. From utility carts to stationary units to mobile units, SpaceGuard Products has multiple dimension and secure storage height systems. Hi-Rise systems can also be specified. Security carts (both wire and polymer) will keep evidence locked up while high density secure… Read More

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Storage Enclosures | ISDA

SpaceGuard Security and Storage EnclosuresLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

SpaceGuard security and storage enclosures can be used as evidence storage cages, weapon storage cages, and controlled substance enclosures. To properly secure and protect the sensitive or dangerous items, SpaceGuard Products’ security and storage enclosures can be designed without sweep space beneath the panels. Likewise, heavy-duty magnetic locks and electronic strikes are available for making doors… Read More

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Temporary Police Holding Cells image

SpaceGuard Temporary Holding CellsLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

Temporary holding cells from SpaceGuard Products can be customized to meet a wide variety of police & law enforcement requirements. SpaceGuard Products specializes in everything from custom lock boxes to tamper-proof hardware. SpaceGuard offers various temporary holding cell options to prevent any unauthorized access. Ceilings are available for situations where the enclosures do not fit… Read More

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Weapon Storage CabinetsLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

ISDA weapons storage has become the storage system of choice for military, police and sheriffs’ departments. Our weapons storage cabinets are all professional grade, made of high quality steel, and designed and manufactured for durability and efficiency.

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