Laboratory Casework

The ISDA Network of dealers and manufacturers offers a wide range of custom laboratory casework services and solutions to you.

We are available to help you through any and all aspects of your laboratory needs. Our network of lab planners, project managers and installers are knowledgeable with the full range of specialized lab furniture and accessories, such as fume hoods, lab casework, lighting and flooring.  They will ensure that your project will receive the highest quality of function for your facility — a the best price.

We are experts in custom laboratory casework solutions. We are here to show you how to save space, increase accuracy, and reduce the time you are spending reconciling your laboratory workspace. See below for a full list of our laboratory casework suppliers or contact us today at 877-921-3501 to get started.

Whether you are installing a brand new state of the art facility or retrofitting an existing lab, we’re happy to help!

Mobile Medical Work Centers Shelves

Mobile Work CentersLaboratory Casework

The ISDA’s line of flexible, modular, mobile work centers are perfect for reconfiguring lab space as the requirements of that space change. This polymer system creates flexible space enhancing lab productivity and space efficiency. Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, keeping surfaces cleaner between cleanings in your work center areas.

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Drying Cabinets | ISDA

Drying CabinetsLaboratory Casework

Our drying cabinets are made from mild steel and stainless steel. The mild steel components are finished in powder-coated pain. The door is anodized aluminum with 1/2″ twin pane tempered low-e safety glass. The upper and rear heated surfaces of the drying cabinets are made of stainless steel as well as the shelves.

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School and University Laboratory Furniture

School Laboratory FurnitureLaboratory Casework

The ISDA Network is the industry leader for custom school laboratory furniture. We offer a wide range of school laboratory furniture to our clients and assist through all aspects of their laboratory needs. Partnering with Laboratory Builders, we offer an excellent selection of painted steel, stainless steel cabinets, HDPE cabinets, and high-quality wood laboratory cabinets…. Read More

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Stainless Steel Cabinets lab casework image

Stainless Steel CabinetsHealthcare Storage Solutions

Our stainless steel cabinets are made from heavy gauge steel. They are fully welded and constructed for decades of performance. Base units have a load capacity of 500 lbs per linear foot. All cabinets are available in a full stainless steel construction. Our standard cabinet construction is of a Type #304 stainless steel with #4 finish.

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Laboratory Fume Hoods | ISDA

Laboratory Fume HoodsHealthcare Storage Solutions

The ISDA has a wide range of custom fume hoods to suit your labs specific needs. We have bench top, ADA, walk-in, perchloric acid, radioisotope/biochemical, auxiliary air hoods and Flex hoods. Our chemical exhaust laboratory fume hoods meet or exceed SEFA 1 standards.

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Laboratory Furniture | ISDA

Laboratory DesignLaboratory Casework

The ISDA is a full-service organization that can help design and program laboratories and healthcare work spaces. Our specialties reside in laboratory furniture, school laboratories, workstations, carts, fume hoods, drying cabinets and medical storage cabinets.

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ADA Laboratory Furnishings | ISDA

ADA Laboratory FurnishingsLaboratory Casework

We manufacture an entire line of ADA height casework and laboratory furnishings. This includes an array of door, drawer and sink cabinet configurations.

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Blanket and Fluid IV Warming Cabinets

Blanket Warming CabinetsHealthcare Storage Solutions

Blanket warming cabinets and IV/fluid warming cabinets are designed and manufactured to maintain ideal clinical temperatures. Our partner, Laboratory Builders, provides blanket warming cabinets and fluid warming cabinets which are used to maintain products at steady and controlled clinical temperatures, to assure good patient experience and efficiency for caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and… Read More

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Medical Storage Cabinets for scopes

Medical Storage CabinetsHealthcare Storage Solutions

The ISDA Network partners with Laboratory Builders to offer our customers double column medical storage cabinets secured by a key locking roll-up tambour door. The modern hospital, clinic or treatment center has to rely on efficient and safe storage of many of the “tools of the trade.” Utilizing the most innovative modular tray system on the… Read More

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Laboratory Workstations image

Laboratory WorkstationsHealthcare Storage Solutions

Our lab workstations provide for a highly flexible lab layout for your ever changing demands. All lab workstations are UL 962 listed. They are designed for back to back use for optimal lab layout flexibility. They are made of heavy duty power coated steel construction.

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Laboratory Furniture | ISDA

Laboratory Furniture & WorkstationsHealthcare Storage Solutions

Laboratory Furniture, Healthcare Furnishings and Workstations. Laboratory Builders, one of our network partners, offers a wide range of laboratory furniture to our clients and assists through all aspects of their laboratory needs. Together we offer an excellent selection of painted steel, stainless steel cabinets, HDPE cabinets, and high-quality wood laboratory cabinets. We also have a… Read More

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