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Premium specialty storage solutions
  • Metalia Modular Drawer Cabinets
  • Metalia Modular Drawer Cabinets
  • Metalia Modular Drawer Cabinets
  • Metalia Modular Drawer Cabinets

ISDA Business Partners work with hospitals, surgical centers, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities to provide the ideal storage solution from a range of suppliers to match their unique needs and requirements.

ISDA can ensure that your customer’s facility is in JCAHO & HIPAA compliance with secure storage systems and high-capacity document shredders. High density mobile storage systems allow for clients to maximize the amount of supplies, documents, and files stored within their current space.

Hospital bed storage is another solution that we provide. Our partner EffiMat‘s HOSPIMAT vertical bedlift storage system (seen below) can be built up to 60 feet high! HOSPIMAT is designed to not only store hospital beds in the shaft where it is typically placed, but also handle transport of the beds, meaning that the solution makes it possible to access and deliver the beds on several floors. This makes HOSPIMAT efficient and highly optimized. Its software enables full control and traceability of the flow of clean and dirty beds. In addition, HOSPIMAT has also been developed to integrate with future technology, such as AGVs, etc.

hospital bed storage ISDA Storage

Files & confidentiality are always a concern for healthcare facilities. We have a wide variety of document shredders available. Select models are NSA-approved and designed to handle heavy applications to keep protected health information (PHI) secure and properly destroyed. Some models are even capable of shredding several forms of digital media – including devices and hard drives – while being easy to operate with a powerful chain-driven motor and automatic jam protection. Complete. Data. Destruction.

Workstations – mobile and stationary – are ideal for healthcare and laboratory settings. ISDA has a wide variety of workstations available, many of which allow for modular, flexible realignment and use. Optional accessories include trash receptables, glove storage, and IV stands (seen below). As projects change and shift, and as your needs for space change, having the correctly designed workstations can make it much easier to reset your lab environment quickly and efficiently.

Non-porous and anti-microbial shelving and carts provide sterile storage for surgical kits, instruments, equipment, and more. ISDA Business Partner Pegasus Medical‘s No-touch systems with ISO stainless steel shelves and baskets eliminate human interaction during instrument transport. Kanban systems of storage carts and baskets minimize touching and movement with ergonomically designed, interchangeable colored strips that enable clinicians & other medical staff to quickly locate supplies. Color-coding and RFID labels greatly reduce the time spent retrieving supplies.

Additionally, Pegasus Medical’s EZ-Swipe RFID sliding label system, a simple motion of moving a sliding mechanism attached to the storage bin left-to-right sends an RFID signal to materials management that a supply needs to be restocked. EZ Swipe works with the Pegasus’ Kanban (two-bin) system to ensure supplies are always on hand. When the front bin is depleted, the tag is swiped and the supply is replenished. It’s that simple to save costs and optimize patient care!

Many specialized cart types are also available through our partners, including but not limited to: anesthesia, crash, emergency, isolation, procedure, surgical case, and wire.

ISDA Business Partner Eagle MHC also offers a variety of specialized healthcare solutions, including storage and transport carts, linen carts, high density storage shelving systems, workstations, handsinks, lab sinks & surgical sinks. Also available through Eagle are a line of precision engineered case carts, IV poles, instrument tables catheter and suture carts, and stainless steel cabinets and countertops for surgical services, patient care areas, same day surgery, sterile processing, & biomedical engineering.

Contact ISDA today and let our experts help you streamline and secure your clients’ healthcare facilities!

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