SpaceGuard Security and Storage Enclosures

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SpaceGuard security and storage enclosures can be used as evidence storage cages, weapon storage cages, and controlled substance enclosures.

To properly secure and protect the sensitive or dangerous items, SpaceGuard Products’ security and storage enclosures can be designed without sweep space beneath the panels. Likewise, heavy-duty magnetic locks and electronic strikes are available for making doors secure from those without proper permission.

The design is simple. Panels are stacked between 2” square tube posts allowing for applications that retain their structural stability regardless of height. With a structure that is as versatile as it is durable, SG2000 is ideal for robotic enclosures, machine guarding, DEA and pharmaceutical enclosures, data center computer security cages, evidence storage, temporary holding cells, and a host of military applications.

Have a lot of overhead obstructions? Consider using welded wire mesh as it allows for easy cut-outs done in the field around existing pipes, beams, and other barriers, while maintaining its structural integrity.

The SG2000 design allows for trapezoidal and irregular shaped panels to match rooflines and other obstacles. If you need a modular, stackable system with the ability to work beyond a traditional wire partition system, you need SG2000 wire partitions.


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