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  • Pallet Rack Enclosures | ISDA
  • Pallet Rack Enclosures | ISDA

Nearly all manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses will have rows of pallet racks housing their equipment, materials, and finished goods. How do you prevent items from falling or shifting?

Simple – use Rack Safety Systems from SpaceGuard Products. Not only do these rugged enclosures provide added safety, they also are a great theft deterrent!

Constructed of a welded wire mesh, Rack Safety Systems are more resilient than safety netting and with a variety of brackets, they are even easier to install. Bracket designs come in two styles: universal with adjustable offset and fixed with variable offsets. Universal brackets work on a wide range of upright types while the fixed brackets are designed to be used with teardrop style uprights.

For the front of a pallet rack bay, SpaceGuard produces bi-parting hinge doors that attach via pivot brackets and lock with a padlock hasp. For the back of a bay, panels come in standard widths pre-engineered to match existing pallet rack beams. Side/end panels can also be provided to create fully enclosed systems when needed.

Optionally, Rack Safety Systems can be equipped with extension kits for situations where the panels need to extend beyond the highest beam. With the heavy-duty welded wire design, easy to install brackets, and customizability, Rack Safety Systems from SpaceGuard Products are a great solution for protecting your personnel and their products.

Advantages of our pallet rack enclosure systems:

  • Simple design: panels stack to reach required heights. Brackets are either fixed or adjustable depending on the upright type.
  • Easy installation: installs with sturdy mounting brackets, in many cases easier to install than netting alternatives.
  • Less maintenance: durable panels don’t need to be replaced often like netting or single beams.
  • Heavy-duty: unique welded design uses 6-gauge wire unlike competitive woven products on the market.

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