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Modular workstations from the ISDA help industrial, automotive, and industrial customers improve organization, protect inventory, reduce storage footprints, and cut parts retrieval time in half.

Our modular workstations feature infinite modular possibilities, according to your needs and are perfect for all types of storage needs.. Galvanized steel fittings on a sturdy steel frame. Premium LED bulb lighting. Robustness, effectiveness and industrial design combined to optimize your storage space. Fits anywhere and expands as you grow.

Metalia Modular Workstations

Features & Benefits of Our Modular Workstations

  1. Premounted superwide cabinet with drawers
  2. Premounted cabinet with drawers
  3. Overhead cabinet MG-1230
  4. Computer cabinet MG-1231
  5. Mid cabinet with adjustable base
  6. Tall cabinet with adjustable base
  7. Single doors
  8. Trash basket on rail
  9. Leg for workbench
  10. Black back support post for cabinet header
  11. Stainless steel back panel
  12. Stainless steel top filled with wood for superwide cabinet
  13. Back stopper with integrated powerbar
  14. Tall oil tub cabinet with adjustable base
  15. Mobile cart with shelves
  16. Led articulated arm
  17. Anti-fire vacuum integrated in workstation
  18. Clothes hanger support
  19. Small shelf insert with clothes hanger support

Optional drawer organization dividers and foam inserts further enhances the speed and efficiency of stocking and retrieving parts and items!

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