Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountains

Staying hydrated is easy with our indoor & outdoor water fountains.

ISDA has a wide variety of drinking fountains, both indoor and outdoor, with features including but not limited to touchless bottle filling stations!

When teachers, staff, and students need to rehydrate, simplify it with ISDA Business Partner Global Industrial‘s wall-mounted, refrigerated, and filtered bottle filling station. This water fountain features a built-in sensor that dispenses water into bottles at a quick fill rate in a completely touchless experience. For those without a bottle to fill, the easy-touch front and side push-bar controls can be pressed by the forearm or elbow to release water from the flexible safety bubbler.

If your client wants safe, durable, and accessible water for their faculty & students outside, then our outdoor bottle filling station with bi-level drinking fountain is right for you! This multi-functional unit is the perfect choice for school campuses, office complexes, golf courses, outdoor recreational areas, and more. The drinking fountains each feature a hood-guarded bubbler to reduce contamination and tampering, while the bottle filler provides an environmentally-friendly solution to refilling reusable water bottles. Plus, no electrical power is required, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

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