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iopc modular millwork isdaModular Millwork delivers sustainable workflow designs.

Founded in 1994 in Greer, South Carolina, Modular Millwork, formerly International Office Products Cooperative (IOPC), manufactures modular millwork for the Healthcare, Laboratory, Education, Legal, Corporate Mail, and Workroom facilities. Modular Millwork’s sustainable modular millwork designs allow you to reconfigure your environment as needed, as opposed to traditional millwork which would require gutting and building from scratch.

“Modular Millwork’s flexibility really improves productivity in our 150+ locations nationwide,” states their client David Kays of United Health Group. “We no longer have to demolish and replace millwork as our needs change, rather, we simply reconfigure and redeploy existing modular millwork to update workrooms — which saves us over 75% of the expense we previously incurred to buy new millwork.”

Modular Millwork provides environmentally sound, healthy and productive workroom solutions for today’s active workspaces. Their number one goal is to deliver “cost-neutral” sustainability that costs no more than ordinary millwork, yet enables unsurpassed ergonomics, flexibility, and workflow productivity for your active interiors.

Modular Millwork’s unique, flexible designs and expert layout assistance enable clients to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency of their active work interiors. They offer both their original steel “Structural Frame” design – available in 300 standard sizes- and their Frameless Design with enhanced aesthetics and flexibility.

Executive Office Furniture | ISDA

Wood Office FurnitureSpecialty Furniture

The ISDA offers veneer desking systems, which consist of a transitional line of wood office furniture for executive offices, individual workspaces, conference rooms and reception areas. Each line combines a high end look, tech-friendly features. Our wood office furniture is available in a Bourbon Cherry finish with AA-grade North American Hardwood veneers used throughout.

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work area library ISDA Storage

Modular Office FurnitureSpecialty Furniture

The ISDA provides solutions that allow you to work smart and get things accomplished by adding modular workstations to your office or business workspace. Our modular office furniture creates a collaborative environment for offices everywhere, encouraging teamwork and positive energy. Featuring a highly efficient design, these modular workstations are an incredibly popular choice for offices everywhere.

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mailroom ISDA Storage

Mailroom FurnitureSpecialty Furniture

The ISDA is the leader in providing the right solutions for your mail center and distribution needs. Our products are designed to help organize, sort, collate and store paper and other materials more efficiently. Featuring everything from literature organizers to shipping stations, mail carts to complete mail center systems; mail slots for an entire city or a back-room operation, no need is too large or too small for us to handle. All our mailroom furniture is easy to configure and easy on the budget.

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School and University Laboratory Furniture

School Laboratory FurnitureEducation

The ISDA Network is the industry leader for custom school laboratory furniture. We offer a wide range of school laboratory furniture to our clients and assist through all aspects of their laboratory needs. Our Laboratory Partners offer an excellent selection of painted steel, stainless steel cabinets, and HDPE cabinets. We also supply high-quality modular wood… Read More

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accessories for lab work areas ISDA Storage

Laboratory DesignHealthcare Storage Solutions

The ISDA is a full-service organization that can help design and program laboratories and healthcare work spaces. Our specialties reside in laboratory furniture, school laboratories, workstations, carts, fume hoods, drying cabinets and medical storage cabinets.

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