Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc.

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Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc. is the partner of leading healthcare organizations and hospitals on 5 continents.

Their clients recommend Pegasus products and solutions since they greatly simplify healthcare materials management with flexible and scalable solutions.

Pegasus Medical provides significant cost savings and stands behind their methodology with unmatched expertise and support with customized modular and interchangeable storage systems incorporating Racks, Cabinets and Carts.

The entire system is based on the ISO 60×40 modular system of trays and baskets and all the modules have been designed on that basis.

Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc offers a complete medical material handling/supply management product and service at a discount to ISDA Members, including the following:

  • Rack Systems
    • ISO 60×40 trays, baskets & accessories
  • Apollo Medical Storage Carts
    • Optional tambour, glass and solid doors
    • Locking options
    • ISO 60×40 trays, baskets & accessories
  • Ecoline Medical Procedure Carts
    • Medication carts with secure Cassettes
    • Isolation carts & Anesthesia carts
    • Emergency carts – Mobile working stations – Nursing station carts
  • Kanban Inventory Management Systems
    • EZ-Swipe RFID tags
    • Wi-Fi Barcode Scanning
  • No Touch Surgical Instrument Transportation and Storage
    • Transportation and Storage of surgical instrument “Blue Wrap” packs without the touch of a human hand. Prevents costly tears of wrap and the need for re-sterilization
  • CSPS Systems
    • Stainless steel surgical instrument container/pack beds for ergonomic storage

Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc offers a complete service as well. From their extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry, Pegasus understands the space and storage requirements of all specialized areas, particularly relating to hospital operating theaters, wards and (CSSD) and develops customized, efficient storage solutions for each and every application.

Services include:

  • On-site consultative approach – with ISDA member
  • Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc works closely with end-users to develop effective solutions.
  • CAD renderings Available at no charge.
  • Installation
  • Ensuring the final result matches the vision.  Charges may apply for this service.  Those charges are based upon overall scope of project.
  • The ability to view existing systems currently in use.

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