The ISDA Network is comprised of industry leaders in vertical storage, mobile shelving, and high-density storage systems.

The International Systems Dealers Association (ISDA) is a 40+ year old organization that has over 70 member firms, with several hundred salespeople, located throughout North America devoted to providing and installing storage and office systems/solutions to education, business, industry, and governmental agencies at all levels and sizes.

We believe that together we can make a difference and here are a few reasons why:

  • The broadest range of products and widest range of services
  • The most experience dealer network
  • Extensive research and insights into how people work
  • A history of reliability
  • Obsessively high quality and environmental standards

vider vertical carousels

ISDA Working for You

ISDA Members

We represent a national dealer network of experienced professional distributors with extensive local customer contacts.

ISDA Suppliers

We have found that many of our suppliers truly value the relationship they have with the ISDA Supplier Network.

ISDA Customers

Our team of experts are here to help you deliver a complete solution to increasing productivity, control, and efficiency.

The concept of the ISDA dealer network was first conceived in October of 1977. A committee, together with Counsel recommended a stock cooperative buying corporation as the best organizational structure to handle the vendor activities of the dealer network. On April 11, 1978, an organization known as Office Systems Equipment Cooperative or OSEC was officially incorporated in the District of Columbia with five members of the re-organizational committee becoming the incorporators. Stock in OSEC was purchased by 86 Dealers at a cost of $1,050.00 each. Shareholders capital contribution amounted to $90,300.00.

During the year 1981, the ISDA trade association was acquired by the Office Systems Equipment Cooperative, and the name of the cooperative changed to ISDA. The purpose of the ISDA Network is to function on behalf of its members by securing arrangements with vendors that will be beneficial to the dealers and to provide support activities to the Dealer network by which the dealer can improve his business operation. Today there are 82 shareholders of the ISDA.

Kardex Systems was the lead Business Partner of the ISDA, and the sole Business Partner specifically mentioned in our by-laws. In fact, it is a requirement of our by-laws that a new member be a Kardex Dealer to be considered as an ISDA Shareholder and join the organization. For over thirty plus years, the ISDA treated Kardex Systems, Inc., and it predecessor Remington Rand, as a special and unique Business Partner. Since Kardex Systems never had their own dealer meeting, ISDA always extended Kardex Systems time on our program at our Annual Shareholder’s Meeting held each October.

Kardex Systems, USA, filed bankruptcy in October 2008 and the assets were acquired by Kardex AG. ISDA’s Board of Directors decided not to enter into an endorsed business partner agreement with Kardex AG and decided that Hänel Storage Systems offered a better future for our network. Hänel Storage Systems signed a formal agreement as ISDA’s “Keystone Business Partner” effective April 1, 2009.


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