Electric Vehicle Chargers

As electric vehicle adoption increases, so will the need for EV charging stations. ISDA Business Partner ACDI Energy Services has developed a line of premium charging stations to make electrification accessible to everyone with turnkey operations and intuitive management. From infrastructure planning to installation, ACDI Energy Services is committed to making EV charging easy for commercial, fleet, and residential environments.

Benefits of our SmartCharge EV Chargers include the ability to charge a variety of devices with a single, universal charging system, reduced energy waste and lower electricity costs, & built-in safety features that prevent over-current, over-voltage, short-circuiting, and overheating.

Our EV chargers are compatible with all EVs on the road today and offer both Level 2 AC chargers (20-70+ miles of range per hour of charge) and DC Fast Chargers (Level 3), ideal for fleet and quick charging use cases (80-100% full charge in 30-60 mins). These user- and eco-friendly systems are easy to install, use, and service, and can be easily scaled to accommodate the needs of various applications & industries, from individual users to large-scale charging stations.

They are an ideal solution for any facility that requires parking – hotels, medical centers and hospitals, residential settings with multi-family homes and apartments, retail environments, entertainment venues like movie theaters and concert halls, educational settings such as k-12 schools and universities, and sports settings such as arenas, stadiums, and golf courses – and wants to provide a much-appreciated and environmentally conscious option.

Make no mistake, EV charging is the future, and ISDA is proud to be staking our claim in this emerging market that will only become more relevant moving forward by partnering with ACDI Energy Services!

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