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Beauty and functionality are both obtainable with the many lines of wood and steel library shelving from ISDA!


We have cantilever library shelving with full adjustability, space-saving case-style steel shelving, and many different wood designs that bring warmth to any library space.

wood ended book stacks ISDA Storage

Cantilever units with casters create versatile library storage designed to move with your space and program needs. Casters swivel 360°, lock for safety, and operate easily on all floor types.

Concealed caster units are also available and provide effortless mobility and a great look for the demands of all your library needs whether it’s space for story time, reading nooks, or program spaces.

Curved shelving is an ideal way to add a playful, unique look to any library! The versatile Sola unit by Palmieri Furniture, for instance, can store and display almost anything and can be arranged in various configurations to fit the space available. Choose from a wide variety of colors and add an attractive design flair to the learning environment.

We also have a variety of both fixed and mobile displays to feature books, magazines, and more.









Book and media trucks are available in both wood and metal finishes to provide an easy way of transporting books, computers, laptops, binders, school supplies, CDs, DVDs, tape and other media items. Can also be used for returns. Move and tow this truck in, out and all around your space!

Another fantastic multi-purpose solution is the information kiosk or terminal. Terminal stations provide easy access to information in a few different models that combine a small surface ledge, CPU cabinet, terminal base, monitor screen capability and system management. Place these terminals in libraries, schools, and more.


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