Crutches, Syringes, Catheters, and More!

ISDA Network can provide hospitals and healthcare facilities much-needed items that are in short supply globally!


As of December 2021, multiple surges in COVID have led to supply chain issues that are now having an even more extreme impact on the availability of supplies with crutches, wheelchairs, syringes, and urine kits being the most scarce in addition to catheters, tubing, and gloves.

ISDA Business Partner Global Industrial has a wide variety of crutches for patients of all ages with specific needs, such as forearm crutches. They also have space-saving models that not only adjust to heights of adults and children but also disassemble for convenient storage.

Global also carries syringe options for many applications, such as drawing blood and injecting medications in addition to non-needle-pointed models used to administer oral medications.

ISDA Network is well-placed to fill in these gaps given our Member Dealers’ experience and the critical fact that ISDA Business Partner Global Industrial has many of these healthcare and laboratory items IN STOCK, with some available TO SHIP WITHIN 24 HOURS.


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