Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

ISDA has a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment solutions available to make your space safer!


One of the most popular PPE solutions are our germ & protective shields for counters & desks. These shields can be mounted on surfaces, suspended from ceilings, and even stood/rolled on floors. Great for a variety of settings, medical, business, and more.

We also have partitions available in a variety of colors to complement the aesthetic of your workspace. These cloth partitions are free-standing, foldable, and not only provide space for social distancing but also acoustic noise-control paneling.

When it comes to PPE storage, mobile hygiene carts and stations are a must in keeping your clients’, staff, and patients safe and their minds at ease. Multiple models available, with varying numbers of drawers and glove box storage. Select models feature sanitizer holders and wastebaskets.


Our Members are also proud to carry the innovative and durable nanoDefense™ film(s) which utilize self-cleaning surface technology and can be used in low, medium, and high traffic areas, both indoors and outdoors, for years. This is an ideal solution for surfaces that must be touched regularly!

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