New Business Partner: GSS Lockers!

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This past year, we have had more than a few requests for two types of lockers: e-lockers and evidence lockers. Good news – the ISDA Executive Board and Executive Director Terry Town are pleased to introduce GSS Lockers as our newest Endorsed Business Partner!

GSS been committed to building the most durable lockers since 1978 and their designs continue to lead the market in long-lasting locker technology. Their manufacturing facility is home to every step of their locker making process. Vertically-integrating the manufacturing process allows GSS to ensure high-quality products from start to finish.

The GSS Locker line is made up of unique storage systems for all kinds of applications. Their wide product range features series of E-Lockers with a variety of access options, including credit card, RFID, and pin. GSS’s new E-locker technology is more secure, requires fewer lockers, uses less floor space and allows clients to add tracking and alarm capabilities. They can also be configured to send alerts, track usage and limit/extend storage duration.

GSS has seen a significant shift in the locker world, shifting from school corridor lockers, to specialty spaces such as E-lockers, Tactical lockers, and TA-50 Lockers, and ISDA is happy to provide our Membership with another knowledgeable, quality Endorsed Business Partner!

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