athletic storage ISDA Storage

Sports Equipment Storage Lockers & Shelving SystemsEducation

Schools and universities use locker systems & wire partitions for sports equipment as well as maintenance equipment storage. Due to its heavy duty construction, our lockers are stronger and more durable than sheet metal lockers. The tightly woven 10-gauge wire mesh doesn’t cause the potential injuries that sharp, exposed unprotected mesh or expanded metal lockers… Read More

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Tenant Storage Lockers | ISDA

SpaceGuard Tenant Storage LockersSpecialty Storage

Turn unused building space into potential profit with the use of tenant storage lockers from SpaceGuard Products. Tenant storage lockers from SpaceGuard Products provide instant, versatile, and safe storage for multi-family residential applications. Wire mesh storage lockers differentiate from solid storage products in that they allow for unrestricted circulation of air, light, and heat, not… Read More

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cage for cannabis ISDA Storage

Security and Storage EnclosuresLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

SpaceGuard security and storage enclosures can be used as evidence storage cages, weapon storage cages, and controlled substance enclosures. To properly secure and protect the sensitive or dangerous items, SpaceGuard Products‘ security and storage enclosures can be designed without sweep space beneath the panels. Likewise, heavy-duty magnetic locks and electronic strikes are available for making doors… Read More

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Temporary Police Holding Cells image

SpaceGuard Temporary Holding CellsLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

Temporary holding cells from SpaceGuard Products can be customized to meet a wide variety of police & law enforcement requirements. SpaceGuard Products specializes in everything from custom lock boxes to tamper-proof hardware. SpaceGuard offers various temporary holding cell options to prevent any unauthorized access. Ceilings are available for situations where the enclosures do not fit… Read More

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dea drug storage ISDA Storage

Wire Mesh Storage LockersHealthcare Storage Solutions

Keep your medical products safe and prevent internal theft by using SpaceGuard’s wire mesh storage lockers and enclosures. Federal regulations for the storage of pharmaceutical items, cannabis, narcotics, and other controlled substances mandate strict standards for physical storage.  A common misconception is that a lengthy, costly custom application is required to achieve this higher level… Read More

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pallet rack cages ISDA Storage

Rack Safety Systems & EnclosuresIndustrial Storage Solutions

Nearly all manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses will have rows of pallet racks housing their equipment, materials, and finished goods. How do you prevent items from falling or shifting? Simple – use Rack Safety Systems from SpaceGuard Products. Not only do these rugged enclosures provide added safety, they also are a great theft deterrent!… Read More

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driver cage for warehouses ISDA Storage

SpaceGuard Wire Mesh PartitionsIndustrial Storage Solutions

Wire mesh partitions from SpaceGuard Products provide essential safety for your pallet racks and shelving with a simple, yet durable design. SpaceGuard’s welded wire mesh partitions and panels will keep your employees safe and productive. Our wire mesh partitions help prevent costly accidents in and around your pallet racks and shelving. Protect your products and… Read More

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robotic guarding ISDA Storage

SpaceGuard Mezzanine & Machine GuardingIndustrial Storage Solutions

SpaceGuard’s mezzanine guarding and handrail safety systems present a safe, inexpensive alternative to traditional handrails. It’s simple to install and the combination of SpaceGuard Products‘ uni-mesh woven wire and kick plates prevent objects from falling off the mezzanine surface causing potential costly accidents. Panels are high integrity welded and available in special sizes. Single and… Read More

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