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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Healthcare Storage Solutions

ISDA has a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment solutions available to make your space safer!   One of the most popular PPE solutions are our germ & protective shields for counters & desks. These shields can be mounted on surfaces, suspended from ceilings, and even stood/rolled on floors. Great for a variety of settings,...
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vidir bedlifts isda network image

Hospital BedliftsHealthcare Storage Solutions

The Hospital Bedlift is a cost-effective bed storage system designed to store hospital beds off of the floor and stack them securely in a vertical arrangement, which not only saves valuable floor space but removes potential fire hazards from the hospital corridor. The Bedlift will increase the hospitals maintenance departments’ capacity, organization and product flow...
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vidir shelving carousel

Shelving CarouselIndustrial Storage Solutions

The Shelving Carousel from our Business Partner Vidir Vertical Solutions is an automated vertical carousel that features free hanging carriers that rotate up and down to deliver product to the operator at an ergonomic height. The robust and reliable design makes this unit an ideal solution for manufacturing lines and other mission critical environments. Custom...
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Vidir pan carousel vertical storage

Pan CarouselsIndustrial Storage Solutions

The Pan Carousel by Vidir Vertical Storage Solutions is a fully automated storage system that delivers product to the operator at an ergonomic height. The carousel recovers and average of 80% of your floor space by utilizing vertical space for storage, increasing inventory accuracy, providing greater security, and increasing workplace safety. Simple and intuitive controls...
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Metalia Modular Workstations

Modular WorkstationsAutomotive Storage Solutions

Modular Drawer Cabinets are the perfect solution for the efficient storage of your small to mid-size products. Our new modular drawer cabinets can pay for themselves by reducing your storage footprint by 60%, cutting parts retrieval times in half, improving parts organization, and protecting your precious parts inventory.
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Stainless Steel Cabinets lab casework image

Healthcare Shelving & Storage UnitsHealthcare Storage Solutions

ISDA's high density shelving systems effectively doubles available storage capacity by making shelving mobile, compacting existing storage into a smaller footprint. Our high density shelving systems are the best solution for managing a growing collection. Superior track design and an unrivaled tech support team make high density shelving an almost essential component of any serious storage project.
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Stackable Storage Bins | ISDA

Stackable Storage BinsAutomotive Storage Solutions

The ISDA provides heavy-duty stackable storage bins that stack on shelves and hang on custom rack systems, louvered panels and rail hanging systems. All of our stackable storage bins are ideal for work benches and assembly areas, have reinforced walls for stable, non-shift stacking and have front/back/side grips for easy handling.
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metal lockers with drawers ISDA Storage

Tactical Police LockersLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

Tactical police lockers from the ISDA suit the uniform, clothing, and personal effects storage needs for law enforcement personnel. Made of welded steel, our tactical police lockers are resistant, functional and serve multiple purposes. Our standard police lockers have two doors, but it is also available with a single door, according to the required width.
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lockers metal ISDA Storage

Tennsco Employee Storage LockersIndustrial Storage Solutions

Tennsco offers an array of custom, heavy-duty metal storage lockers for employees of all industries. Tennsco’s line of metal storage lockers optimize storage space and provide your employees with a streamlined, personalized space to storage their items. Tennsco’s line consists of standard storage lockers, c-thru storage lockers, and ventilated storage lockers Standard Storage Lockers All...
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Metal Storage Cabinets ISDA Network

Tennsco Metal Storage CabinetsOffice Storage Solutions

Tennsco offers an array of custom, heavy-duty metal storage cabinets and accessories for offices. Tennsco‘s line of metal storage cabinets provide additional storage space and provide a streamline look to old and modern office spaces. Our line consists of standard storage cabinets, deluxe storage cabinets, jumbo storage cabinets and open-style storage cabinets. Standard Metal Storage...
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