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Evidence LockersLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

The ISDA is a key supplier of heavy duty evidence lockers with high security, pass thru and non-pass thru operation for use in police stations and courtrooms. Our evidence locker storage solutions are perfect for temporary evidence storage and transfer from a non-secured area to an evidence storage room.
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High Density Shelving law office image

High Density Shelving UnitsAutomotive Storage Solutions

ISDA's high density shelving systems effectively doubles available storage capacity by making shelving mobile, compacting existing storage into a smaller footprint. Our high density shelving systems are the best solution for managing a growing collection. Superior track design and an unrivaled tech support team make high density shelving an almost essential component of any serious storage project.
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Color Coded File Folders | ISDA

Color Coded File FoldersSpecialty Filing

Color code file folders from the ISDA can reduce filing and retrieving time by 50% and save as much as 33% of the money spent on non-color coded files. A good color code system can work for your files, and in most cases pays for itself in less than a year due to the time saved in filing and retrieval without misfiles.
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Modular Office Furniture systems | ISDA

Modular Office FurnitureSpecialty Furniture

The ISDA provides solutions that allow you to work smart and get things accomplished by adding modular workstations to your office or business workspace. Our modular office furniture creates a collaborative environment for offices everywhere, encouraging teamwork and positive energy. Featuring a highly efficient design, these modular workstations are an incredibly popular choice for offices everywhere.
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Conference Room Furniture Tables Chairs

Conference Room FurnitureSpecialty Furniture

The ISDA offers the most extensive lines of training and conference room furniture in the market – without exception! It was designed for the fast pace of today's conference room environment and intensive training needs of even the most progressive of companies. With four different series of tables available, we can provide basic features to fully appointed tables to meet any need and budget.
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Mailroom Furniture | ISDA

Mailroom FurnitureSpecialty Furniture

The ISDA is the leader in providing the right solutions for your mail center and distribution needs. Our products are designed to help organize, sort, collate and store paper and other materials more efficiently. Featuring everything from literature organizers to shipping stations, mail carts to complete mail center systems; mail slots for an entire city or a back-room operation, no need is too large or too small for us to handle. All our mailroom furniture is easy to configure and easy on the budget.
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Military Law Enforcement Storage Lockers

SpaceGuard Military Storage LockersSpecialty Storage

SpaceGuard’s military storage lockers and readiness lockers provide instant, versatile, and safe storage for equipment and belongings while providing ventilation and lighting for the contents. The available sliding door option is ideal for long aisles of tandem lockers without aisle space, yet they are sized to not interfere with adjacent personnel lockers. Modify the layout...
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Sports Equipment Storage Lockers | ISDA

SpaceGuard Sports Equipment Storage LockersSpecialty Storage

Schools and universities use SpaceGuard’s wire partitions for sports equipment storage lockers as well as maintenance equipment storage. Due to its heavy duty construction, our lockers are stronger and more durable than sheet metal lockers. The tightly woven 10-gauge wire mesh doesn’t cause the potential injuries that sharp, exposed unprotected mesh or expanded metal lockers...
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Tenant Storage Lockers | ISDA

SpaceGuard Tenant Storage LockersSpecialty Storage

Turn unused building space into potential profit with the use of tenant storage lockers from SpaceGuard Products. Tenant storage lockers from SpaceGuard Products provide instant, versatile, and safe storage for multi-family residential applications. Wire mesh storage lockers differentiate from solid storage products in that they allow for unrestricted circulation of air, light, and heat, not...
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Secure Storage Systems evidence image

SpaceGuard Secure Storage SystemsLaw Enforcement & Police Storage

SpaceGuard Products specializes in wire, solid, and polymer finish secure storage systems and handling products. From utility carts to stationary units to mobile units, SpaceGuard Products has multiple dimension and secure storage height systems. Hi-Rise systems can also be specified. Security carts (both wire and polymer) will keep evidence locked up while high density secure...
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