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The ISDA Network offers a complete line of laboratory furniture and healthcare furnishings.

Laboratory Builders, one of our network partners, offers a wide range of laboratory furniture to our clients and assists through all aspects of their laboratory needs. Together we offer an excellent selection of painted steel, stainless steel cabinets, HDPE cabinets, and high-quality wood laboratory cabinets. We also have a comprehensive offering of chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, flexible lab furniture, healthcare furnishings, and work surfaces. We truly are a full-service manufacturer for all your laboratory needs.

Our years of expertise in design are here for you to draw from. Elementary, middle and high school, college, university and research facilities are all within the scope of ISDA’s healthcare and casework solutions. Our dealers and Laboratory Builders in-house design department are available to guide you with the preliminary concepts and recommendations for the best possible layout in your work environment.

The ISDA and Laboratory Builders offer an INSTOCK Quick Delivery Program, which provides for the shipment of all featured steel, wood casework, and fume hoods for a complete laboratory within 5 business days. Contact us today at 877-921-3501 to get started.

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