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  • Rack Supported Mezzanines | ISDA
  • Rack Supported Mezzanines | ISDA

The ISDA offers high quality rack supported mezzanines (pick module) and in-plant storage systems.

Heavy duty industrial platforms and rack supported mezzanines from Panel Built are excellent for supervisory in-plant offices, metal range towers, vision towers and more. Mezzanine rack systems provide a clear view of plant work areas and convert wasted vertical space into productive work environments.

Our powder coated steel mezzanines are built to your specification – custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials, landings and stair systems. Heavy-duty and long-lasting, Panel Built provides the safest, lowest-maintenance, and most productive 2-story metal structures available today.

Rack supported mezzanines are a very simple and efficient way to take advantage of the full height of your warehouse storage space.  Depending on how they are configured, they can often double or triple your usable floor space. This often includes push back, gravity flow, 100% selective rack and other storage systems along with flooring, decking and platforms to maximize productivity and space utilization.

Our project engineers work directly with engineering firms and system integrators to design high density, high throughput storage systems. The ISDA Network provides turnkey services from design through complete rack supported mezzanine installation.

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