Mobile Carts & Workstations

ISDA has a wide variety of mobile cart options – both with and without power – for applications in industries ranging from healthcare to warehousing/DC’s and retail.

If your customer needs a mobile cart, we have a selection that is sure to provide the exact solution to suit their needs, such as the mobile workstation from Wanzl pictured above.

Our carts put workers’ solutions right at their fingertips with an array of options that can double their productivity!

These carts are an ideal solution for shipping, receiving, and health stations. Whether a facility requires indoor or outdoor carts, simple compact carts or more complex powered carts with a high storage capacity and payload, we have options.

We have carts that allow for a variety of devices, including but not limited to laptops, printers, and scanners. All with options for portable power. Does your customer have a cold chain/storage environment? We have a cart that is able to power a rugged computer, barcode printer, and scanner for 8 – 16+ hours in temps down to -4 degrees F. Our mobile powered carts are also super easy to deploy, they just need a wi-fi connection!

Have a retail customer that wants to boost productivity on the sales floor? We have point of sale carts from our Business Partner, Newcastle Systems, that eliminate the need for their personnel to walk back and forth to static cash registers and long lines, especially during peak periods of the day and seasons of the year. Designed to hold and power up to (4) pieces of existing hardware for 8 – 12+ hours of normal use, our carts are ideal for POS systems, laptops/PCs, barcode printers, laser printers, and scanners. Cordless, remote power sources mean there are on hazardous extension cords on floors or data drops from ceilings and free up the carts to not only be mobile but also perfect for sidewalk events, pop up shops, grand openings, and more.

We have POS carts that put solutions right at key sales personnel’s fingertips – allowing them to stay on the floor and instantly help customers with accurate, real-time pricing and check out solutions.

Want to provide a comprehensive yet efficient mobile cart solution for your customer’s healthcare facility such as a hospital? By using a dedicated cart that answers the various needs of medical staff, the medication distribution process can be enhanced without jeopardizing patient safety.

Our Business Partner Pegasus Medical has an all in one medication cart (seen left) that allows for multiple ways to configure a large screen or more flexible laptop positioning thanks to a dedicated double jointed ergonomic arm with laptop cradle. Keyboard is still accessible in the cart through a laptop drawer. Contains the removable medicine cassette which is the heart of our medication cart system. This type of cart will become increasingly important and popular as the Material Handling Industry (MHI) anticipates exponential growth in mobile medical carts and workstations moving forward.

Don’t need power but still need an effective mobile cart? We have your customer covered. Our mobile workstation from Eagle Group MHC Division is made of durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel and features space for a computer, cantilevered shelf, undershelf, and keyboard drawer. Shown right with optional mouse shelf.

Contact ISDA today and let our experts help you and your customer select the best mobile cart solution for their facility and industry!



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