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The Kalamazoo Public Library in Michigan has always been a front runner in library services and products. In 1929, it was the first library in the country to make films available to their residents.

It was the second library in the country to install a drive-up return box, and it was among the first ten in the country to open a children’s department.

During the library’s massive renovation and restoration project, they turned to an ISDA Network partner for their library shelving needs. A total of 4,252 shelves, 309 single face and 317 double face cantilever shelving units were ordered for the Kalamazoo Public Library. Since the library’s existing shelving was still in good condition, our network partner and the library maximized its use and blended the new cantilever shelving in with the old. The end panels, which were made of cherry wood, also added richness to the aisles.

Additionally, our ISDA Network partner hinged periodical shelves made a wide selection of reading material more visible, and allowed easy access to storage areas for older, yet still used issues. They also added 186 new shelves to supplement the existing library shelving in order to accommodate the increased volume.

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