ISDA Network Office Vertical Carousels

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Our ISDA Network partners office vertical carousels are based on the Ferris Wheel principle — a series of carriers that remain level throughout their rotation with access to the carriers at a single point in the rotation.

This principle offers the ability to store a huge number of files, documentation and other office needs in a small, compact space.  By storing vertically and bringing the requested item to the user, the vertical carousel saves a great deal of floor space and immediately boosts productivity.

The office vertical carousel was first introduced in 1957 and has been in production ever since, making it the longest continuously manufactured vertical carousel in the world.  Today, options include a variety of specialized holders for vertical, lateral and end-tab files as well as binders, books, films and electronic storage media.

Even though the workplace is increasingly file-based and much communication is electronic, there are still a massive amount of paper documents which you need to store and retrieve in an efficient way.  Vertical carousels provide just that solution for your office!

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