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Mobile Storage Systems for the Field Museum | ISDA

It’s easy to spend an entire day in Chicago’s Field Museum of natural history and not see all the exhibits. And even when you’ve seen everything on display, you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Behind the scenes are thousands of additional items, many of them irreplaceable, in storage. Among these items are the museum’s herbarium specimens – dried plants that are mounted on archival
paper, placed in special folders, and stored in cabinets.

When the Field Museum decided to upgrade its herbarium storage, it talked to several potential suppliers of cabinets. An ISDA network partner was one of them.

“We wanted to move to mobile storage systems,” says Christine Niezgoda, the Botany Department’s Collections Manager. “Our existing cabinets were free-standing units that could not be placed on mobile carriages.”

After reviewing the offerings from the various cabinet suppliers, the museum replaced all cabinets that couldn’t be used in the new mobile system with our network partners cabinets.

“All herbarium cabinets have basically the same design,” says Ms. Niezgoda. “It’s the details in the fabrication and components that make the difference. The new cabinets offered the quality, protection, and functionality we wanted.”

Our partners features that were particularly appealing to the museum include the recessed, easy-to-operate handles, the double-door design that lets each door be opened independently of the other, and the airtight storage environment produced by the 100% closed-cell silicone gasket system.

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