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Sports Equipment Storage Lockers | ISDA

Schools and universities use SpaceGuard’s wire partitions for sports equipment storage lockers as well as maintenance equipment storage.

Due to its heavy duty construction, our lockers are stronger and more durable than sheet metal lockers. The tightly woven 10-gauge wire mesh doesn’t cause the potential injuries that sharp, exposed unprotected mesh or expanded metal lockers can.

SpaceGuard’s wire mesh allows for full visibility and unrestricted circulation of air, light and heat so it has minimal, if any, interference with fire suppressant systems in high-rise residential or office buildings. SpaceGuard’s sports equipment storage lockers are also perfect for industrial and commercial applications to help reduce inventory shrinkage caused by employee theft. Wire mesh lockers provide security, yet visibility not offered by sheet metal products.

SpaceGuard’s sport equipment storage lockers are available in single, double, and triple-tier units. Standard height systems are 90”H and can be fitted with or without ceiling panels. With its modular design, installation is a breeze as panels and doors utilize a simple bolt-thru design. Hinge doors are pre-hung and come equipped with padlock hasps.

Optional components include: welded wire shelves, garment hanger rods, sheet metal back panels, and also sliding doors. Additionally, the storage locker design from SpaceGuard Products comes with the ability to make the units portable.

Portable Storage Lockers (PSL) were initially designed for military personnel to move equipment on and off aircrafts. Since their creation, PSL can now be found in casino basements/backrooms, high-end resorts, banking institutions, and even restaurants. With their heavy duty design, the PSL are a great way to provide and safe and secure solution for moving high-dollar equipment and materials.


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