Push Back Racking Systems for Deceuninck

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Push Back Racking Systems | ISDA

The growth of the composite decking and vinyl window/door markets inspired Deceuninck North America to significantly increase capacity at its Monroe, Ohio production facility.

Organizing and efficiently accessing an expanding variety of raw materials in a high-volume production environment had become a significant problem. More efficient use of vertical space and quick access was required.

Deceuninck’s Requirements

  • Organizing a large variety of raw materials
  • Quick and efficient access to stored raw materials
  • High density storage of similar material
  • Maximize use of available storage space


  • 3, 4 & 7 deep push-back systems
  • 3 & 4 levels high

About Cart-On Rail Systems

Our Push Back Racking Systems offer similar storage density as drive-in while improving selectivity and accessibility to a range of SKUs. Product stored in lanes rest on a system of carts-on-rails commonly available in 2 to 6 pallets deep. From one aisle, pallets are stored by “pushing back” stored pallets and placing the new load on the next cart position. Retrieving a pallet causes each subsequent pallet to move forward into a ready position. This “last-in, first-out” system (per lane) reduces picking time when a large number of picking faces are required. The patented design features large coated wheels with sealed bearings. The linked cart design provides for smoother operation.

Features & Benefits of Our Push Back Racking Systems

  • Higher utilization of available pallet positions than most storage systems
  • Patented design
  • Easy rolling carts with large coated wheels
  • Low maintenance sealed bearings
  • Linked carts
  • Cart anti-lift-out devices
  • Low cart stack height


  • Universal product storage
  • Aisle access to each pick face
  • Large number of SKUs and pick faces

“The rugged construction of the system that RIDG-U-RAK installed for us provides trouble-free operation, and their ongoing support has made a difference in our decision to purchase more rack” – Steve Lawson, Plant Manager,
Deceuninck North America

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